Get Close To The Moon With Your Very Own Moon Lamp

Woman holding a moon lamp in her hands

The moon is so fascinating to any space enthusiast out there. It’s so close to us, and it’s the only space object we’ve been able to visit in person. There’s no denying that it’s beautiful, and mysterious too.

Our Moon Lamp is designed to bring the beauty and mystery of the moon directly into your home. Here’s what makes it special, and why you should get one of your very own.

A Detailed Recreation

Galaxdream Moon lamp light for home decor, the perfect gift for children. 16 colors light 3D printed moon lamp.
3D printed Moon Lamp

One of the best features of this 3D moon lamp is that it really is a recreation of the moon. It features an intricate design, which shows all the craters and seas of its surface.

Whether you’re a child enamored with space, or an adult that appreciates detail, you’re going to love this. The moon lamp is a true moon, not just a light up sphere.

As it’s such an accurate design, it adds a lot of visual interest to any space. You’ll love it when you come into the room and see it, and guests are sure to be drawn to it. If you want to make a splash with your home décor, then a true recreation of the moon is something you can’t afford to pass up.

Stylish And Modern Design

Our moon light lamp has been made with modern design sensibilities in mind. The lamp sits on a geometric wooden base, so you can easily place it wherever you want it to go. That up to date base style will blend in well with any décor you already have in your home, so it won’t be obtrusive.

The base also creates a neutral place for your moon lamp to sit. That way, all the attention is on the moon itself.

The moon lamp doesn’t have to stay on the stand though, if you don’t want it to. It can be taken off the stand and handled, better for you to appreciate the look of the lamp itself. Kids will love taking the lamp off the stand, so they can get a good look at that lunar landscape. Once you’re done, you can simply sit it back in the stand where it can continue to glow.

Buy Your Moon Lamp In Multiple Different Sizes

your moon light lamp is available in various sizes

When it comes to the moonlight lamp, you can buy it in different sizes. You can currently get the lamp in three sizes:

  • Small: 4”/10cm
  • Medium: 5.9”/15cm
  • Large: 7.87”/20cm

Having that choice means that you can get just the right moon lamp for your needs. Want something smaller that a child can easily handle and enjoy? Then you can get the small version for them. Want something that will sit nicely on a desk? Then the medium one is right for you. Want something that’s large and attention grabbing? Then you want the large moon lamp.

As you can see, there are different moon lamps for your different needs. You can get just the right one, for the right situation.

Change Brightness And Color To Your Needs

The moon night light isn’t just a regular lamp. Of course, we’ve made it that extra bit special for you. The lamp can actually emit 16 different colors, from yellows to reds, purples and blues. This is done via a remote control, which has the colors labeled for you. That makes it super easy to find the color that you want. There’s also a hidden button on the moon lamp itself, where you can cycle through colors to find the one you’re looking for.

The color you want can change on your mood, and that’s why it’s important to have the option of changing the color of your lamp. One day you may want something romantic, and so go with a red or pink moon. On some days you may want something in cooler tones, like blue or green. Of course, if you just want a lamp for reading or doing other activities by, you can use yellow or white lights in your moon lamp.

As well as the color, you can change the intensity of the light too. That makes this lamp not only beautiful, but highly functional too. A brighter light is perfect if you want to use it as a light source, while a dimmer light is just right for creating mood lighting.

Rechargeable Design Means You Can Take It Anywhere

Galaxdream moon lamp

As you can see above, your 3D printed moon lamp isn’t tethered to its wooden base. If you want, you can pick it up and take it wherever you want. This is thanks to the fact that the light is in fact rechargeable. It uses batteries to stay powered, so you can charge it up and then have it on as you handle it. Once the moon lamp is fully charged, you’ll see that you’ll be able to get anywhere between 8 and 15 hours of light. That will depend on the intensity of the light used, but that’s a lot of light on just one charge.

Of course, if you want to leave the light plugged in for continuous power, you can do that too. The lamp is powered by USB, so you can plug it in almost anywhere. This makes it perfect for desks, as you can plug it in to the PC or monitor to get a steady source of power for your lamp.

Many customers ask if the lamp gets hot when in use, and the answer is that it does not. You can safely handle it even if it’s been lit up for hours. That makes it perfect for you or your kids, so everyone can enjoy the light however they choose.

Environmentally Friendly Design

Full moon landscape

In this day and age, you want to be more conscious about where the things you buy come from. You don’t want to buy items that are harming the earth, or that aren’t ethically made. We know that, so you’ll be pleased to see the moon lamp is made with eco-friendly materials.

The moon lamp itself is made with PLA, which is biodegradable, non-toxic, and odorless. You can buy it safe in the knowledge that it’s safe both for you and the environment, too. It’s so good to know that you’re buying such a beautiful item, that has been ethically made.

The Perfect Gift – Moon Lamp

Child holding a moon night light in his hands

We believe our moon lamp is the perfect gift for almost anyone. If you’re looking for something unique to give a loved one, then why not pick one up for them? Here’s just a few people who would love to get one:

  • New college students: Know someone who’s off to college? Then they’d love the gift of a moon lamp. As it’s portable, they can carry it around anywhere they need it in their dorm room. Plus, it’s something cool that they can show off to new friends.
  • Space loving children: Have a child in your life that wants to be an astronaut? Do they know everything there is to know about space? Then pick up a moon lamp for their next birthday. They’ll find the design so exciting, as they can see all the craters and seas on the moon’s surface. Give them something that not everyone will have.
  • New home owners: If you know someone that’s just moved into a new home, then you’ll want to get them a new home gift. They probably have everything they need though, so what can you get them? You can get them a moon lamp, for them to use in their home. It’s something unique and different, so they’ll have something that creates just the right mood for any room.
  • New parents: If a loved one has just had a baby, then a moon lamp could be just what you want to give them. They’ll be up late at night with their new bundle of joy, and they won’t want to turn on the overhead lights in the middle of the night. The moon lamp gives a soft glow, which they can turn up or down as needed.
  • Yourself: Who says you have to give the moon lamp to other people? Maybe you want to buy yourself something special, as a treat. After all, you deserve it. Use this opportunity to get a moon lamp, and start enjoying it in your home as soon as possible.

Use Your Moon Lamp Anywhere

Cozy Moon Lamp
A moon lamp brings a mysterious style to your interior

The moon lamp is an adaptable lamp that works so well, pretty much anywhere in your home. If you want to pick one up for your home, where would you use it? Here are some ideas, so you can see how adaptable the 3D printed moon lamp is.

  • Baby’s room: As noted earlier, a moon lamp is an excellent gift for a new baby. They’re great in baby’s room, as you don’t need to turn all the lights on when you go in. You can simply turn it on and get enough light to see by. They’re great for leaving on in the room too. If you leave it on at a low intensity light setting, then the light should last for around 15 hours. Then, if you need to go in and tend to baby, then you can already see when you open the door.
  • Night light for your kid’s room: In a similar way, the moon lamp is an excellent night light. You don’t need to ensure that you have a spare outlet for one, as you can charge it up during the day and have it ready to go at night. You can leave it on, again at a low intensity, so your child has a light and feels safe. Plus, you can change the color to one that’s relaxing and soothing.
  • Desk lamp: Are you currently working from home, or do you normally work from your home office? If so, the moon lamp may be just the thing for your desk. You can buy the size you want, so you can ensure it will fit neatly on your desk. Then, you can simply turn it on when you need some extra light to work by. Change the intensity as needed, and you’ll always have plenty of light in your office. Plus, it’s something that you can play with as you’re in meetings or just thinking, something that a lot of people find helpful.
  • Reading lamp: Are you an avid bookworm? Then the moon lamp works really well as a reading lamp. You need enough light to read by, but you don’t want to have the lights on in a room as you’re trying to relax. That’s why the moon lamp works so well for you. You can use the warm yellow light on it to read by, and put the intensity up and down as needed. Place it on your bedside table, and you can read into the night without straining your eyes.
  • Decorative piece: While the moon lamp is practical in many ways, you’ll see that it also gives you an excellent decorative piece to place in your home. Sometimes you just want something that’s eye catching, and the moon lamp is just that. If you have a space that’s crying out for something interesting to fill it, the lamp is just the thing. You’re free to place it anywhere you like too, as it’s chargeable you don’t need to worry about being near any power outlets.
child reading a book about astronomy

Our moon lamp is designed to give you the experience of seeing the moon up close. There’s nothing quite as wondrous as being able to examine the landscape of the moon so closely, and that’s why so many people have picked up a moon lamp already.

If you know someone who would love a moon lamp, or you have just the right spot in your home for one, pick it up now. You’ll be able to enjoy the soft light, and mood enhancing colors, wherever you place it.

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