Bring the Stars into your Home with your Galaxy Projector

robots in the galaxy, dream with a star projector

For many, the universe is inspiring and fascinating. Do you love to just lie down on a blanket outside at night and watch the stars? The billions of light dots up there make our minds wander. There are so many galaxies we don’t even know of, billions of planets, and maybe even extraterrestrial life.

Part of the Hubble ultra deep field showing thousands of galaxies
Part of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, showing galaxies of various ages, shapes, colors and sizes. The small red galaxies are the most distant ones (redshift effect) and astronomers think they were created shortly after the Big Bang. Credit: NASA, ESA, S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team

Have you ever been watching the night sky and wondering what’s out there? Even today, scientists only know a fraction about what’s going on in outer space. Of course, we know about the theory of the Big Bang and how everything was created. However, far more questions remain than we have answers. No wonder, scientists are constantly working on new spacecraft to explore planets and even galaxies in the very long run.

Therefore, the universe remains a mystery to many of us. Every year, new and exciting movies about the universe can be seen at the cinema. Do you remember Avatar from a few years ago? There’s hardly anybody who hasn’t seen the movie. Also, Interstellar has a huge number of fans. And there’s hardly anybody from the younger generation who hasn’t heard of the adventures of Rick and Morty in outer space.

Even though scientists have solved some of the questions, the universe still remains a mysterious thing to many of us, whether we are children or adults.

The mysteries of the universe

We all know the universe started with the Big Bang billions of years ago. In school, we learn about our solar system and our planets. Each star is actually another sun with its own planets and moons. Those things are no miracle anymore. However, we still don’t know everything about what’s out there.

What about extraterrestrial life? Are humans really the only living creatures in the whole universe? Or are there more, conscious beings out there? Scientists and technicians are constantly developing new and better spacecraft to explore outer space and to find other living beings.

The universe, the stars, and the moon are, also, the basis for all kinds of spiritual believes. Just think about astrology. How many people read their horoscope every day? Maybe you do so too? Fortune foretellers try to read other people’s futures with the help of the stars and the moon. And there are all different kinds of spiritual beliefs saying there is a higher consciousness out there taking care of each one of us.

Astrology and zodiac signs
People who believe in astrology study the movements and positions of celestial objects to try to explain and predict human and natural events.

Besides this, the universe plays also a major part in different kinds of physics. Theory suggests that the universe is ever expanding. Perhaps, it is infinitely big. But what is outside of the universe? How can it be constantly expanding? And have you ever heard of the many-worlds theory which is part of quantum physics? Are there really copies of our Earth out there?

We’ll take a closer look at all of these fascinating questions and theories about the universe below!

Are there aliens out there?

Alien life beyond our Solar System
Are there aliens in the universe?

For sure, you have asked yourself at least once in your life whether there are other living beings out there. Is the Earth really the only place in this infinitely large universe where life has evolved?

The universe contains billions of stars and, therefore, billions of solar systems. Each solar system has its own planets with its own, unique conditions. Therefore, some scientists suggest that there must be all different kinds of life out there. Maybe some of these life forms are so different to us that we wouldn’t even recognize them as life. Indeed, it is hard for us to imagine other living beings in outer space when we have no idea of how their living conditions might look like.

Every day, scientists are working on new spacecraft to discover other galaxies and planets. Only recently, scientists found out that Mars has similar conditions to Earth. Therefore, it might be possible that life could evolve on Mars. However, we still don’t have any evidence that the planet is inhabited by living beings.

Still, scientists haven’t given up hope to find other creatures in outer space and to communicate with them. Some people even think those creatures are already living among us. It’s easy to see how the universe can be the basis of many conspiracy theories.

Alien spacecraft visiting earth

What do we know about black holes?

According to NASA, black holes are astronomical objects with a huge gravitational pull. This pull is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape a black hole. The black hole’s “surface” is called the event horizon. It can be described as the black hole’s boundary. In order to escape this boundary, the velocity of the object needs to exceed the speed of light. However, the speed of light is the limit of the cosmos. Therefore, not even light can escape a black hole.

Black Holes – National Geographic

When matter or radiation falls into a black hole there is no way that it can ever get back out.

Throughout our Milky Way, we can find various black holes which have three to dozens the size of our Sun’s mass. In larger galaxies, one can even find supermassive black holes weighing up to billions of solar masses.

However, even if scientists know some facts about black holes, many questions still remain unsolved.

The ever-expanding universe

Most likely, you’ve already heard that the universe is supposed to be constantly expanding. That’s really hard for us humans to imagine because we are not used to thinking outside of time and space. Now, however, we’re going to take a closer look at how the universe can keep expanding.

How can the universe constantly expand?

Around 13.7 billion years ago the Big Bang happened and different galaxies and planets were formed, such as our solar system and Earth. Ever since, the universe keeps expanding. It has never stopped and probably will never stop.

All galaxies outside of our own are moving away from us. The further the galaxy the faster it moves. The ones which are farthest away from our own galaxy move the fastest. However, that does not imply that we are in the center of the universe. It doesn’t matter in which galaxy you are, all other galaxies around you are always moving away from you.

Our Milky Way galaxy, you can bring it home with our galaxy projector
Our galaxy, the Milky Way

It is important to mention that even if galaxies are moving away from each other, they are still bound by gravity. Therefore, it might happen that galaxies in close proximity collide with each other. NASA predicted that the Milky Way will collide with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy approximately 4 billion years from now. This might impact our own solar system as well.

Furthermore, they are not moving through space but in space. So what exactly does that mean? The universe doesn’t have a center, Therefore, everything is moving away from each other. That’s how the universe is expanding, possibly into infinity.

However, we only have knowledge of the observable universe. This includes all planets and stars we can observe. In other words, only the regions around the Earth from where the light had the time to reach us can be observed by us. Since light is traveling with the highest speed possible, we can only imagine how large the universe really is.

The expanding universe explained easily

It can be quite hard to imagine that we are really living in an ever-expanding universe. To simplify the above explanation a little, we can think of a loaf of raisin bread dough. As we put the bread in the oven it starts to rise and to expand. When this happens the individual raisins are moving away from each other. However, they are still stuck in the dough and can’t leave it.

In our example, the dough resembles the universe and the raisins resemble the different galaxies within the universe. Now imagine we’re sitting on one of those little raisins. Of course, there are other raisins we can’t see anymore because they are simply too far away from us. They are, actually, moving so fast that their light has never reached us.

This may sound a little frightening to some of us. However, we don’t need to be afraid. Gravity keeps all the different raisins together. In other words, thanks to gravity all planets in our solar system are moving on constant orbits.

How long will the universe keep expanding?

Of course, you may ask yourself now for how long the universe will keep expanding. After all, it started expanding already 13.7 billion years ago.

Unfortunately, scientists don’t have any answers to this question. The universe might keep expanding forever or it may be crushed out of existence. There are different, possible scenarios that may happen eventually. However, you don’t need to worry that the universe will be destroyed tomorrow. According to scientists, it will last for such a long time that one could say it may be as well infinite.

So how can the universe be crushed? Cosmologists, the scientists who study the universe, suggest that a reverse Big Bang scenario may happen in the future. Indeed, they assume that the expansion of the universe has already started to slow down. However, some researches also suggest it may expand into eternity.

The universe as the basis for many spiritual beliefs

Astrology, zodiac signs and spirituality

Have you ever opened the newspaper in the morning and read your horoscope? Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds for them? Many people read their horoscope daily or weekly.

What will your week be like? Who is the perfect match for marriage? Your Zodiac sign will tell it! Some Zodiac signs are more compatible with each other than others. Therefore, many people use them to find their perfect partner. Furthermore, people try to explain certain characteristic traits and qualities using their Zodiac sign.

Astrology is the study of the motion of planets, suns, and moons. The discipline dates back many centuries before history was written. The first astrologists were priests and scholars who dedicated their lives to studying astronomy and psychology. Today, many people believe in astrology and try to explain why certain things are happening in their lives.

However, Zodiac signs and horoscopes are not the only things people believe in. Many think the universe has some sort of higher consciousness and takes care of us at all times. There are many different beliefs and many different theories. They only have one thing in common: We don’t exactly know what’s going on out there and what’s true.

The many-worlds theory

In case you’re interested in quantum physics, you may have heard of the many-worlds theory. This theory is based on Schrodinger’s popular thought experiment with the cat in the box. In his scenario, the cat could be alive and dead at the same time.

Scientists have taken this idea a little further and have come to the conclusion that there, probably, are an infinite number of worlds that differ only slightly from ours. Whenever each one of us decides to do or not to do something, a copy of our world is created.

For example, you can decide to eat an apple or to not eat an apple. At the moment you decide a copy of our world is created. In one world, you decided to eat the apple in the other one you don’t. This exact thing happens whenever a person makes a decision.

Do you want to eat the apple?

Given that, there may exist millions, perhaps an infinite number, of slightly different versions of our Earth out there. It may be the case that you’re president in one of these copies.

However, it’s hard to think that there are multiple versions of our Earth with multiple versions of us. The many-worlds theory is only one interpretation of Schrodinger’s thought experiment. There is no scientific evidence that multiple versions of our Earth exist.

Have your own galaxy at home with our galaxy projector

Do you find all these different facts and theories about the universe fascinating? Do you love to just lie down in the grass at night and to watch the billions of stars in the night sky? With our star projector, you can now watch the galaxy while laying in bed or on the couch.

Let your mind wander with your galaxy projector

Is there any better way to let your thoughts wander than while laying underneath the night sky with its billions of stars?

galaxy projector and our milky way galaxy
The Milky Way, our galaxy. Explore the universe with a galaxy projector.

Having a deep conversation while staring at the stars with friends or your partner can be so relaxing. Enjoy a glass of wine, talk about life, or simply think about the universe and all of its mysteries.

With your own night sky projector, you can now lie down on your sofa or in your bed at home and watch how the galaxy projector projects thousands of little stars on the ceiling and the walls of your room.

Choose your preferred color with your galaxy projector

The planetarium projector projects stars and colors on every surface the light can reach. Of course, you can choose your preferred color. Lie underneath the mesmerizing light, read your horoscope and fall asleep underneath the stars. 

It can also be very relaxing to watch your favorite movie or an interesting documentary about the universe while the galaxy light projector projects thousands of little stars on the ceiling and walls. While laying there it just feels as if you’d lie somewhere in the grass watch the night sky.

Our galaxy projector creates the perfect atmosphere for meditating or for reading your horoscope. Think about the different theories regarding the universe that were introduced to you in this article. There are still so many things humans don’t know.

The galaxy projector for your children

Do you have children? Don’t you think they’d love the colorful stars the star projector can project on the walls of their bedroom? You can explain to them our solar system, the Sun, the different planets, and our Moon. Children are always fascinated with the universe and the many mysteries it holds.

Our galaxy projector is great for kids who love astronomy

The benefits of our galaxy projector

To turn on the night light projector you can simply plug it in. In no time your room will be filled with a mesmerizing atmosphere. Every surface the light of the galaxy projector can touch will show stars and galaxies. Watch your own home floating in the universe.

Furthermore, the night sky projector allows you to play your favorite music. Choose from different statical and cyclical color combinations and relax under a sky of colorful stars.

Of course, you can take your planetarium projector wherever you want. This makes the galaxy projector the perfect device for any party.

Your galaxy projectors and the mysteries of the universe

Since millennials, people have been fascinated by the universe. The universe holds many mysteries: aliens, black holes, and the meaning of your Zodiac signs. What will your future hold for you? And are there really almost identical versions of our Earth that differ only in a small aspect from the world we know? So many questions and only a few answers to some of them.

However, there’s no question that the sky will turn dark every night and a million shining stars will turn up. Who doesn’t like stargazing during a clear and warm summer night?

Now, you don’t have to wait for summer anymore. With your own galaxy projector, you can bring the night sky into your own home. Invite some friends, lie down on the couch and let your thoughts wander.

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