Explore the Universe Through Your Galaxy Projector

The Milky Way and our Galaxy Projector

Has the night sky always fascinated you? Do you look up and wonder what might be out there in the great unknown of the universe? A galaxy projector is a functional piece of home décor that allows you to explore the wonders of the universe. The GalaxDream Galaxy Projector is your window to the universe from the comfort of your own home. As a compact projector, it gives you endless ways to explore different parts of the galaxy.

Understanding the universe can be difficult. You might use your galaxy projector as a way to help you visualize it, unlock your imagination, and teach your child about space. You can let your mind run wild under these projections, which bring the constellations and stars into your home. Our guide teaches you the basics about the galaxy and shows you how to use your galaxy projector at home.

How Does the Galaxy Work?

Unless you’ve worked at NASA or understand rocket science, the concept of the universe could be a puzzling one. The galaxy – in the simplest terms – is a collection of gas, dust, stars, and solar systems. These components are held together by gravity.

Earth is part of the Solar System, a set of planets and objects orbiting the Sun, a star among billions of others in our galaxy known as the Milky Way. 

Did you know that our galaxy has a supermassive black hole right in the middle of it? This fact isn’t as scary as it sounds.

A Galaxy Projector to explore the cosmos

Your galaxy projector can help you explore the galaxy and understand its vast size by looking at your wall or ceiling.

What you see through your galaxy projector is the stars and dusty bands that are dotted across the galaxy, shining brightly through the solar systems. We’re not the only galaxy out there. Far from it! NASA has said that there are so many galaxies, there are billions or even trillions of galaxies in the observable universe, it would be impossible to count them all. Their Hubble Space Telescope found 10,000 galaxies in one small patch of space over 12 days

With your galaxy projector, you’ll be able to imagine what these billions of galaxies might look like. You get a better view of the galaxy than the night sky can afford us.

Our galaxy is a spiral shape, reflected in the images you’ll see through your galaxy projector.

Types of Galaxies

There are three types of galaxies in the universe. While they’re all made up of the same components, their shape and size differ. As you learn to understand the galaxy through your projector, you’ll start to see how these galaxies can take shape.

Spiral Galaxies

A spiral galaxy is what we all live in. It looks like a pinwheel, with arms made up of stars, gas, and dust. These components are what make new stars form. Spiral galaxies are the brightest in the universe as they tend to have younger stars, which burn brighter than their older counterpart.

Spiral galaxy
The barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672, located at a distance of 60 million light years from Earth.
Source: NASA, Hubble Space Telescope

Elliptical Galaxies

An elliptical galaxy has a similar shape to an ellipse or a stretched-out circle. Not every elliptical galaxy has the same shape, with some more stretched than others. These galaxies contain older stars, meaning that they’re not as bright as spiral galaxies. Elliptical galaxies also have less dust and gas, making it harder for new stars to be created. They make up around 60% of all galaxies that have been observed so far.

Cluster of diverse galaxies (Abell S0740), Hubble Space Telescope
The giant elliptical galaxy ESO 325-G004 in the galaxy cluster cluster Abell S0740. Credit: Hubble Space Telescope / NASA

Irregular Galaxies

Not every galaxy can be nicely defined into a category of spiral or elliptical galaxies. An irregular galaxy is exactly what it says on the tin. They all have a different shape and are generally amongst the smallest sizes of galaxies that we have observed so far.

Although they are small, these galaxies are amongst the brightest as they are filled with young stars. Scientists think that 20% of galaxies fall into this mismatched category.

Irregular galaxy NGC 1427A
Irregular galaxy NGC 1427A taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

Educating Your Kids with a Galaxy Projector

One of the most popular reasons why customers purchase a galaxy projector is to teach their child about the universe. You can only learn so much from books and films. Being able to see the galaxy through an innovative projector gives your child a new look at the universe. You can watch them discover the galaxy for the first time through their own eyes. 

A galaxy projector is the perfect gift for a child

If your child is starting to show an interest in STEM or dreams of becoming an astronaut, a cosmos star projector is an educational gift that can help them fulfill their potential. The galaxy projector that you buy as a gift may end up unlocking a lifelong love for space exploration that changes their life.

As your galaxy projector is compact and portable, you can move it around with you and take it wherever your child goes. The images are projected onto any surface – whether it’s a ceiling or the wall of a darkened room. You can start up the cosmos star projector while reading your child a book about space and the universe. 

It provides a functional light that you can even leave on while your child is falling to sleep to create a soothing ambiance. The GalaxDream galaxy projector has plug-and-play functionality, meaning you can freely move it around your home. The next time you’re watching a space documentary or film, you can turn on your galaxy projector and create a unique ambient experience.

How the Galaxy Projector Works

Our galaxy projector is easy to use and designed for both children and adults. It utilizes the innovative MusicSense technology, allowing you to play your favorite music as you sit back under the stars. It has a touch control sensor technology that allows you to choose between six static or cyclical color combinations. You can make the universe look the way you want with these unique color options.

At GalaxDream, we’re a premium home décor brand inspired by the promise of space exploration. Our mission is to strike a balance between artistic freedom and functional excellence that reflects the beauty of our galaxy.

You can explore our full product range, including our star projectors and moon lamp and let your mind dream, discovering the cosmos.

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