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moon light lamp from Galaxdream

Do you dream about exploring the galaxy beyond Earth? Have you ever wanted to walk on the moon? Have you ever wanted to hold the moon in your hands? At GalaxDream, we want to connect with other dreamers and give you the opportunity to experience and connect with outer space from the comfort of your own home. Our Moon Lamp Light is a beautifully detailed 3D lunar landscape that brings the wonder of the moon straight to your home.

See the Expertly Crafted Details of the Moon Up Close

Did you know that the moon is moving 3.8cm away from the Earth every year? Our moon light lamp not only looks fantastic but it also brings you closer to the moon. Even when the moon is trying to move away.

The 3D moon lamp was expertly designed to be an accurate reproduction of the moon and its unique details that we can’t see from Earth. We only see one side of the moon (called the near side) – the other side (the far side) is completely different. The far side of the moon looks so different because it doesn’t have ancient pools of solidified lava. With our moon lamp, no detail is too small! We meticulously crafted an accurate 3D depiction of the moon so that you can see every small characteristic up close.

NASA | Tour of the Moon

The moon also has craters that exist because of comets and asteroids that have collided with the moon over time. The moon also features small amounts of water that you may not have known about. With the 3D printed moon lamp, you can see every crater and sea on the moon up close and transport yourself 380,000 miles away to the moon itself. You will get to see the unique details up close and the insane things that we can’t see from the side of the moon that doesn’t face Earth.

Experience the Beauty of the Moon in Your Hands

A West African legend says that the moon is ruled by a moon goddess called Mawu. Mawu is in love with Lisa – a sun god. When they are finally able to meet, we have a lunar eclipse. Our moon lamp brings you closer to the charm and mystery of the moon that inspired so many fascinating myths and legends. The moon continues to inspire so many people of all ages. Our 3D moon lamp keeps you so close to the wonder of the moon that you can hold it in your own hands.

The moon light lamp is designed to be safe to hold in your hands because it doesn’t heat up. We can guarantee that our 3D moon lamp is probably the only lamp in your home that you can hold in your hands!  This means that you can unleash your imagination and the thrill and experience the excitement of moon exploration when you hold and touch the moon lamp. It will be like touching the real moon without even leaving your home!

Create a Different Colored Lunar Atmosphere Based on Your Mood

You will have the craziest and coolest house in the neighbourhood with our moonlight lamp. Especially if the lights in your rooms can change to 16 different colors. It’s like having 16 different lamps in one!

All you have to do is press a button on your remote and your moonlight lamp will transform your space into another world. You can adjust both the colour and intensity to your mood so your room can be a bright pink color one day and a soft blue color the next. Or green, red or any other of the 16 colors our moon light lamp changes to! Try a soft yellow colour to give you a little light when you go to sleep. Or imagine you are surrounded by aliens by making the 3D moon lamp a bright green colour. The possibilities are endless!

Top Quality Materials Moon Lamp

At GalaxDream, we believe in creating products that are environmentally friendly, versatile and unique. The moon light lamp is made of biodegradable, non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly materials. The wooden holder and moon body are made from PLA material.

We crafted this product using innovative 3D printing technology to make sure the moonlight lamp is an accurate depiction of the moon and its intricate details. The moon light lamp is mobile, fun and kind to the environment. This makes it the ultimate addition to any environmentally conscious home.

Environmentally friendly lighting doesn’t have to be boring or ugly. Our moon light lamp definitely proves that!

moon night light lamp

The Perfect Size

Imagine if you could shrink the moon to be small enough to fit on your desk. Or make it a little bigger to fit in your living room. We offer 3 different sizes to make sure you find the perfect match for your home. We have a small size (4”/10cm diameter), a regular size (5.9”/15cm diameter) and a large size (7.87”/20cm diameter). You can buy a cute little small lamp for your kids’ room or a large lamp for your desk. You can buy all three sizes and make a small moon family. It’s totally up to you.

For Both Kids and Adults

Space is something that kids of all ages can enjoy and appreciate. We designed our 3D moon lamp to spark curiosity in young minds and encourage them to learn about the galaxy and space. The moonlight lamp is a perfect way to introduce ideas about space and the galaxy to your kids. It’s a fun and cool toy that they are guaranteed to love and want to know more about.

Kid and the moon lamp

The Moon Light is designed with all of the family in mind. Your kids will absolutely adore the 3D moon lamp because they will be able to free their imagination when they play with the moon lamp. Your kids will be amazed at how the moon light can transform into 16 different colours. They will be obsessed with the cool and unique details and design – we can guarantee that this will make your kids crazy about space!

If you’re worried about your kids’ safety when using the lamp – be assured by our safety guarantee. Our moon lamp is FCC, CE and RoHS certified so you can ease your safety concerns and give your children the gift of unlocking their imagination today.

Using the Moon Light as a Night Light

The real moon doesn’t actually produce light, it reflects light from the Sun. Our 3D moon lamp is a bit different because it produces a glowing light from 360 degrees at all times of the day.

If you want a versatile night light option, the moon light is ideal because it has multiple color and intensity settings so you can customise the light. This means that you can use it on low intensity at night and a higher intensity throughout the day.

Benefits of using a 3D printed moon lamp

There are so many benefits of using a night light for both children and adults. Here are just a few:

  1. The Moon Light can illuminate spaces in your home that don’t get enough natural light (even during the day)
  2. The moon lamp can also illuminate common areas in the home at night – like hallways and bathrooms
  3. The moonlight lamp helps parents see at night when checking on their baby
  4. A 3d printed moon lamp can also illuminate the changing table during diaper changes
  5. It can comfort kids who are afraid of the dark. You can even combine the moonlight lamp with our galaxy projector to create a calming themed environment in the child’s room
  6. The moon lamp can help create light to prevent falls for people with poor night vision
  7. If you use a low intensity orange or red setting on the moon lamp light, it won’t disrupt your sleep cycle. This is because your sleep cycle can only be disturbed by yellow or white lights that mimic the sun
moonlight lamp

The moon light is the perfect gift for children that are afraid of the dark. It can even help your child locate their comforter or teddies if they are afraid at night. As it uses LED light bulbs, it won’t overheat and is perfectly safe to keep in a baby or child’s room. It also does not contain any small parts that a child or toddler could potentially swallow.

Using the orange or red setting on low intensity will make sure you aren’t as affected by disruptions to your sleep and you can go back to sleep comfortably and blissfully.

Whether you have children or not, you should invest in a moon light lamp to brighten up dark spaces during both day and night. The Moon Light will create an aura of peace and relaxation, while you kick back after a tough or long day.

If you are a space and moon enthusiast or you want the moon closer to you then the Moon Light will be an excellent addition to your home.

The Perfect Gift – Offer A Moon Lamp

The moon light is the ultimate gift for all ages. Children love the mystery and wonder of outer space and the Moon Light will cultivate and encourage their imagination. Children will love exploring the fun of outer space and will especially love the interactivity of being able to hold a glowing moon in their hands. It is the perfect gift for encouraging your young ones to learn more about space and expand their imaginations to new heights.

The 3D moonlight lamp is an excellent gift for a partner or spouse because it illuminates any space, creating a romantic ambience for you and your partner. You can adjust the colour and intensity of the light to create a soft, romantic glow for a dinner date. Or add a bright glow in the room during a movie. The moonlight lamp is so versatile that you can adjust it to your needs, during both dates and general life with your partner.

Your family members will love this crazy and unique gift. We can guarantee that no one in your family will have something as fun and mysterious as the moon light lamp. Your family members will go nuts for the different colour and intensity options. They will also love the madness of being able to hold a lit up moon in their own hands!

Get Your Moon Lamp Today

We know that you will be obsessed with the moon light lamp and the thrill and mystery that it brings to your home. If you are a space enthusiast or you just want to bring a relaxing piece of decor to your home, you will love the amazing Moon Light and all of its unique features.

The 3D printed moon light lamp has so many uses and brings so much fun to your home that you will never get bored of it. You can use it as a night light or a desk lamp or just a new lighting fixture in your home.

It is a meticulously crafted piece of decor that is both educational and fun. We designed it using the coolest new technologies so that you can bring a piece of outer space to your home.

The 3D moonlight lamp is the perfect gift for all ages that encourages you and your family to dream and wonder about the galaxy beyond. Your children will love the out-of-this-world lamp and all of its really cool features. They will love playing with it all the time.

Grab yours today at an amazing 64% off the original price. Act fast because this offer won’t last forever.


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