Bring The Galaxy Into Your Home With The Galaxy Projector

The galaxy and the Earth, why you should get a galaxy projector

As a kid, did you have stick on glow in the dark stars on your bedroom ceiling? So many adults have found memories of them, as they allowed you to imagine you were sleeping under the night sky while you were tucked up in bed.

As an adult, you can recreate that same feeling on a much grander scale with the Galaxy Projector. This unique device projects the night sky onto your ceiling, creating an atmosphere like no other. Here’s what the projector does, and why you’ll want it for your home.

How Does A Galaxy Projector Work?

The Galaxy Projector is actually a three in one projector, which allows you to project unique and beautiful night skies in your home. One projector projects an image of the moon, the second projects nebula, and the third projects a starry sky.

With these three different projectors, you can create a multi layered effect that you can’t get with any other device on the market right now. You can choose between six different color modes, or choose to cycle through them. You can see from customer reviews that everyone can create a different look with them, which is perfect when you want to create a certain mood.

Add In Music For The Perfect Ambiance

It’s not just the images that you can get with this star projector. It also includes MusicSense technology, which detects music being played and reacts accordingly. Try playing music near your projector, and watch the galaxies react to it. That creates the best all in one unit when you want to create a certain mood. Want something to relax with of an evening? Want to play soothing music and lights when you sleep? You can do that with the Galaxy Projector.

The Ultimate Customizable Experience

What makes the Galaxy Projector different to other projectors on the market is that it’s totally customizable. As mentioned above, you can choose several different colors, or cycle through them on a timer. If you want to turn off certain aspects, such as the moon projection, you can do that too. That allows you to create a projection that’s all your own.

When you add in music too, you can customize the experience even further. You can find relaxing playlists to play at night when you’re going to sleep, or play your favorite tunes when you’re hanging out at night. The projector allows you to create the experience you’re looking for.

A Galaxy Projector, Perfect For Both Kids And Adults

Star projector to bring the galaxy home

Are you a parent who wants to bring the magic of those glow in the dark stars to your kids? Then this night sky projector is for you. Many have already picked one up for their child’s bedroom, and they’ve found that it’s perfect for soothing them to sleep at night. With the gorgeous visuals and ability to react to music playing alongside it, it’s just what they were looking for.

Just because it’s good for the kids, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too! The Galaxy Projector works beautifully as a sleep aid for adults too, as it helps create a much more calming atmosphere in your bedroom. If you find yourself lying awake at night, worrying about things, then you can use this to give yourself something more calming to focus on. Paired with music, you’ll find yourself drifting off right away.

Use You Galaxy Projector Everywhere

Another benefit of the Galaxy Projector is that you can use it almost anywhere, as it’s a totally portable device. Once you’ve fully charged it, you’ll get five to six hours of use before you’ll need to charge it again. The unit comes with a USB lead so you can charge it up anytime, anywhere. That’s more than enough for most users, and it gives you the option to take it anywhere. For example, you can use your Galaxy Projector in any of the following situations:

  • In children’s or adults bedrooms
  • At parties with friends
  • In your living room when you want to relax

Take your projector wherever you want, and enjoy the night sky wherever you are.

High Functionality For Ease Of Use

Something else you should know about the Galaxy Projector is that it’s so simple to use. When you get yours, you’ll get a full instruction manual showing you how to use it. Once you take a look at it though, you’ll see it’s super simple to get to grips with.

All controls are on the side of the unit, and are clearly marked. You can turn on the night light projector with just one touch, and be ready to enjoy the galaxy right there in your home.

A Safe And Fun Experience

One thing many people ask is ‘is this projector safe?’ That’s especially true if they’re thinking of buying it for their kids. If you are, it’s worth knowing the Galaxy Projector is RoHS and CE certified. That makes it perfectly safe to allow your child to use.

While you may be worried about the laser, you don’t need to have any worries about the Class 2 laser used in this projector. These lasers are not going to cause damage if you look into them briefly, and it’s actually very hard to look into them for an extended period of time.

If you are going to give the projector to a child, it’s a good idea to let them know that they should not look into the laser. Like with any laser, it can cause damage after prolonged contact. However, you’ll see they’re much more interested in the galaxies that the projector is creating in their room.

The Galaxy Projector is the best way to bring the stars directly into your home. The projections are stunning, and when you pair them with music they’ll even react accordingly. If you want to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, then this is just what you need. Order your Galaxy Projector today, and you’ll be exploring the starts before you know it.


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